SYNOD 2023

Published on October 24, 2023

This past week the Synod discussed mission and a central aspect of that discussion focused on the role of women in the Church. Cardinal Hollerich (Archbishop of Luxembourg) drew attention to the question of gender right away with questions that we could read – “Most of us are men. But men and women receive the same Baptism and the same Spirit. The Baptism of women is not inferior to the Baptism of men. How can we ensure that women feel they are an integral part of this missionary Church?” He challenged participants, most of whom are ordained men, to examine whether they feel “enriched or threatened” when sharing responsibility for the Church’s mission with women. Discussion also took place on authority, structures and processes and what would a Synodal Church really look like? Those involved have confirmed that the difficult conversations—for which there are no easy answers—are happening.