Sixth Sunday of Easter

Love as an identification mark: In the second century, Tertullian compared the Christians to nails on the wood: the more they are hit the deeper they are driven. They resisted persecutions with love and forgiveness. The antidote for the problems of the world is love, and Christians with altruistic love can be the catalyst for a better world: a world permeated with love, compassion and concern for all. Christians hence have a vocation to live up to their identity, and to stand out as a lighthouse for all around us.

As the psalmist reminds us, our life has a short span and hence what matters most in our life is what we achieve through love. All that makes us proud during our life may be counted worthless when we face death, except how much we have loved others and remained an icon of God’s love in the lives of others. When we remain in love, our lives glorify God.