Prayer for people experiencing mental health challenges

Published on June 25, 2021

God our Creator, you give breath to each person you made. You treasure the gifts of each unique person. But when life becomes a burden rather than a gift, God of life, hold us. When darkness strangles the will to live, when days become endless nights, God of light, shine on us. When no one seems to understand, when we walk and wait alone, God of love, embrace us with your presence. Where there is despair, bring hope; where there is shame, give value and worth; where there is emptiness, bring fulfilment; where there is suffering in mind and body, bring healing. God of hope, hear our prayer for life. Lord, we know that at times our suffering is great and our isolation can seem unbearable. We ask your graces on our parish community in Castlecomer; so that as parents, family members, friends , and priests, those that experience pain in their lives may find in our parish family love, support and caring. Open our ears to listen, and give courage to those that are fragile and lack confidence to speak. Amen.