Published on September 2, 2022

Baptism calls every man, woman and young person into a vocation of Discipleship. What’s discipleship? Simply, it means to be an active follower of Jesus. Discipleship is about relationships. Firstly the individual’s relations with the person of Jesus. Just like the disciples, we read about in the New Testament, we, like they, are called into a personal relationship with the person of Jesus. Do we take the time to foster an ever deepening relationship with Jesus? We develop this relationship with prayer, reflection on Jesus’ message, and by being quiet in Jesus’ presence. Secondly we foster deeper relationships with our neighbours. These relationships are ‘good’ when they are living giving – giving life to ourselves, as individuals, but also giving live to those we encounter in our everyday lives. Jesus’ core message was to establish the Kingdom of God. It is he who asks us through our baptised life to continue this world changing experience for ourselves and each other. How am I to build the Kingdom of God in the place I find myself in my daily life. “Holy Spirit, bring me to a place of serenity and peace, so that I am encounter Jesus, and bring His message, His love, and His peace into the Our world. Amen”